What we do

100% Pure New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand's tourism marketing campaign is 100% Pure New Zealand. It is used in all of our international marketing work - including advertising, international public relations activity and online marketing, event and sponsorship activity.

When 100% Pure New Zealand was launched in 1999, it was the first time New Zealand had one message in all of its tourism markets around the world. The campaign was developed to be clear and concise: to communicate a single message about New Zealand that captured the imagination of our target market.

100% Pure New Zealand tells the story of how this country's unique combination of landscapes, people and activities cannot be found anywhere else in the world - it is a "100% Pure New Zealand" visitor experience.

Over the years it has been used as 100% Pure Relaxation, 100% Pure Adrenalin, 100% Pure You and 100% Middle-earth - all connected back to the core premise of 100% Pure New Zealand.

100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand was named best destination marketing campaign at the 2012 World Travel Awards.

The latest adaption is 100% Pure Welcome, 100% Pure New Zealand, our biggest campaign yet! It showcases what makes us unique – our warm and welcoming people alongside our stunning landscapes. 

Everyday for the next year a short video will go live of a New Zealander wishing the world a good morning from their favourite place in New Zealand. New Zealanders are also being invited to be a part of the campaign by creating their own 'good morning world' videos and sharing them on social media using the hashtag #goodmorningworldnz.

Consumer marketing and advertising

Consumer Marketing - including advertising, promotions and online marketing work - is the most visible part of Tourism New Zealand's work.

Tourism New Zealand's advertising is evolving from print, television, cinema and billboard advertising, to greater use of technology to reach our target audience wherever they are, and whatever they might be doing, in their daily lives.

This has meant embracing new media such as mobile technology, social media and online advertising.

Online channels

Tourism New Zealand helps make planning and booking a New Zealand holiday easy by ensuring the international travel trade know and understand New Zealand, and by delivering a world-class travel website to consumers.

Our consumer website, www.newzealand.com, is the main way Tourism New Zealand provides information about New Zealand to international visitors. The goal of newzealand.com is to connect consumers with travel sellers.

The site offers interactive planning tools, special travel deals, operator listings and information about New Zealand.

Content is tailored to the interests and requirements of consumers from all our key markets.  There are now over 20 market versions of the site, with nine of the editions either partly or fully translated. All campaign activity drives visitors to newzealand.com.

The website has twice won the international Webby Award for best tourism site in the world.

International public relations and media engagement

Gaining compelling, high-profile media coverage to motivate our target market to travel to New Zealand is the main aim of Tourism New Zealand's public relations activity. Tourism New Zealand's international media programme hosts  international journalists in New Zealand each year from print, online and broadcast organisations.

Tourism New Zealand also hosts respected influencers - opinion leaders, writers and thinkers who endorse New Zealand internationally.

Word of mouth is one of our most powerful marketing tools, and the reach and credibility of influencers makes their word even more powerful. Working with these individuals helps extend New Zealand's profile and inspire travellers from our target market to come here on holiday.

Our media website www.media.newzealand.com is where we regularly publish story ideas, videos and media resources that can be accessed online, 24 hours a day by international media.

Tourism New Zealand also organises or contributes to some high-profile international events that bring New Zealand to life and capture the imaginations of our target market. 

Working with the travel trade

International travel sellers - travel agents, wholesalers and online travel sellers - play a vital role in 'selling' a destination and providing trusted expertise and personalised service to customers. They can be very influential in helping consumers make holiday choices, not only about where to go, but also what to do and where to stay when they get there.

Tourism New Zealand works with regional tourism organisations and the New Zealand tourism industry to educate a core group of travel sellers in each of our markets to ensure they have the knowledge, understanding and passion for New Zealand they need in order to sell the destination effectively.

Each year, we bring around 200 agents to New Zealand to show them what New Zealand has to offer. We also train agents in market, both face-to-face and online.

Every year we travel with New Zealand-based tourism operators to participate in Tourism New Zealand-run trade events and industry travel expos in a number of markets. These events are vital for connecting the New Zealand industry with the offshore trade and for ensuring the travel trade have a good understanding of tourism products and services available in New Zealand.

Our trade marketing and offshore teams also work closely with travel trade partners in market to run joint campaigns and promotions and to assist them in effectively marketing New Zealand to their customers.

Find out more about our offshore trade events programme