Consumer research

Uncover visitor motivations and barriers to travel, key demographics and more.

International markets

International visitation plays an important role in New Zealand’s tourism economy.

Active Considerer reports

Analysis on the size of Tourism New Zealand’s target audience in various markets, and their sentiment towards travelling to New Zealand. Australia(opens in new window)Americas (USA and Canada)(opens in new window), Asia (China and Japan)(opens in new window)Asia (India, South Korea and Singapore)(opens in new window)Europe (UK and Germany)(opens in new window), Archives

Active Considerer Intentions to Travel reports

The Intentions to Travel Market Deep Dive 2023 report(opens in new window) are based on qualitative in-depth interviews. The output of this research distils the claimed experiences of consumers from 10 markets. 

COVID-19 Impact reports 

Insights into the pandemic's impact on consumer intentions, and what they will value when travel recommences Australia(opens in new window)  United States(opens in new window)  China(opens in new window)  United Kingdom(opens in new window)  Germany(opens in new window)  Japan(opens in new window)  Archives

Domestic market

Domestic visitors play an important role in supporting the tourism sector.

Domestic Travel View Report (December 2022)(opens in new window)

The latest look at how the tourism sector can improve desire for, perceptions of, and overall experience for domestic travelers on their New Zealand holiday.

Archives(opens in new window)


Domestic Growth Insight Tool(opens in new window)

We've refreshed the Domestic Growth Insight Tool (DGiT) to help both tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisations maximise the value they derive from domestic tourism.

Domestic Audience Understanding(opens in new window)

A visual overview of the size and characteristics of the domestic market, prior to March 2020.