Tourism data

Use tourism data to inform your business decisions.

International visitors


See the trends in annual visitor arrivals to New Zealand since 2016. You can filter the report by country or purpose of travel, using the drop-down menus. (Source: Statistics New Zealand(opens in new window))


For an overview of international visitor behaviour in New Zealand prior to March 2020. You can filter reports by country, using the drop-down menus. (Source: Statistics New Zealand(opens in new window)


Regional spend

This data  is a good indicator of spend growth in a region over time, but it doesn't capture all tourism spending. Filter the reports by region or product-type using the drop-down menus. (Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment(opens in new window))


To check any definitions used in these reports, see our glossary(opens in new window) If you'd like to download charts in CSV format: click on the chart; click the ellipsis (...) and select Export data; then click Export at the bottom of the pop-up window.