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Friday, May 28, 2021 | New Zealand

Kiwis do something new, boosting domestic spend by $1.1 billion

New Zealanders have supported the country’s recovery and tourism sector, spending an additional $1.1 billion in the nine months from May 2020 to March 2020.

This week, Tourism New Zealand marked one year of encouraging domestic tourism.

“Tourism New Zealand’s domestic marketing has had measurable impact, boosting spend across the country with New Zealanders spending a total of $8.37 billion on domestic travel since May 2020,” says TNZ general manager domestic Bjoern Spreitzer.

“Our activity alongside the regional tourism organisations and industry is having solid results – Kiwis are doing something new. Our research shows that more than half of New Zealanders have done a new tourism activity or visited a new place this year,” he says.

“Driven by research and insights into Kiwi traveller behaviour our activity has also reached three quarters of New Zealanders. This has supported many businesses and communities across NZ through direct referrals to business resulting in bookings, visitation and spend from domestic travellers.”

“Most New Zealand travellers also increasingly recognise the great value that a New Zealand holiday offers, with 84% regarding a New Zealand trip as either good or excellent value.”

Our activity has had tangible results for the tourism industry, generating 1.8 million referrals to tourism businesses around the country.

This activity has built a solid foundation for TNZ to continue to support tourism businesses and RTOs to further grow the value of domestic visitation.

“Looking forward, our role in the domestic market has the potential to keep New Zealanders primed to do new things on holidays, provide resilience while there is border uncertainty and lift the productivity of the sector year-round even as international borders re-open,” says Bjoern.


  • Since Do Something New, New Zealand launched in May 2020 TNZ has launched 8 campaigns in the domestic market all driven by audience insights.
  • Kiwis are doing something new and have spent an extra $1.1 billion on domestic travel compared to pre-COVID levels, to $8.37 billion.
  • 63% of New Zealanders have done a new tourism activity or visited a new place this year.
  • 72% of New Zealanders are aware of the Do Something New New Zealand campaign.
  • Domestic marketing has generated 1.8 million referrals to tourism businesses.
  • Most New Zealanders (84%) say a New Zealand holiday offers great value.