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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

More travellers looking to tick off “bucket list” holiday new research shows

Latest research shows that economic conditions and reaction to the global pandemic lockdowns mean that more travellers want to escape their ordinary lives and tick off “bucket list” travel, putting Aotearoa New Zealand in a strong position.

“Aotearoa New Zealand’s captivating natural scenery, unique culture and world-class tourism offerings provide a once in a lifetime travel experience and that puts us in a great place to be a bucket list destination,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive René de Monchy.

The research showed that geopolitical tensions and cost of living pressures are influencing travel decision making and readiness to travel.

Planning and research are becoming increasingly important for travellers, even those who are usually more spontaneous in their travel booking style, as they are wanting to get the most out of their travel. The interviews also showed people are spending more time evaluating considerations such as safety, time to travel to the destination and costs.

“Globally, tourism is something many countries are looking to utilise to support economic recovery. Competition is fierce and New Zealand will need to work hard for visitors.”

“As visitors spend more time weighing up their next destination, it’s important we have world-class platforms such as that provide them with compelling and useful information to help them choose New Zealand,” said Mr. de Monchy.

“Likewise, we encourage operators to ensure their digital offering represents their offering.”

Conducting regular consumer research supports Tourism New Zealand’s work to attract high-quality visitors from our key international markets. The information is valuable for tourism operators to help them understand the needs and desires of their customers and grow their businesses.

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Tourism New Zealand conducted the qualitative research to investigate the different macro trends and motivational shifts impacting the travel plans of those actively considering a New Zealand holiday.

In this research, Tourism New Zealand conducted in-depth interviews across 10 key markets to provide a deeper understanding into the evolving values, attitudes, and behaviours of our target audiences in 2023 and beyond.