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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Secret (Travel) Agents attract Australian visitors

Tourism New Zealand has launched new activity to encourage our Australian neighbours to visit New Zealand.

The activity uses a team of not so ‘Secret Travel agents’  who advocate for a New Zealand holiday. 

Melanie Bracewell, Stan Walker, Rickie Lee and even the Beached Az Whale feature as the secret travel agents who promote the range of activities and experiences on offer in New Zealand. 

“Australians have a lot of choice of where they can take a holiday, but they’re also staying close to home as many Australians say they’ll travel domestically for the time being. Our new activity seeks to intercept that desire for the familiar, and encourage cross tasman travel in a light- hearted way,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Rene de Monchy. 

Australia is a key market due to its proximity to New Zealand, previously accounting for almost 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand. 

“Australian travellers are important for New Zealand’s ski season as well, with arrivals increasing to 49% over the ski season months.”