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Friday, November 17, 2023

Strong off peak holiday arrivals support New Zealand economy

During September New Zealand welcomed 105,912 international holiday visitors, 84.6% of pre-covid numbers.

“Tourism is critical to New Zealand’s economy, particularly if it can provide a boost during off peak seasons,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive René de Monchy.

“We are focused on attracting high quality visitors, this includes off peak arrivals to ensure visitation is spread out across the year.

“We are also seeing international visitors spend around 18% more than pre covid, with length of stay on par with 2019 and strong off-peak arrivals. This shows our strategy to attract value over volume is working,” concludes Mr de Monchy.

The September arrival numbers were boosted by Australia, China and the USA.

Tourism New Zealand aims to attract high quality visitors who spend more, stay longer, visit multiple regions and travel here throughout the year.

Tourism New Zealand has a focus on driving off-peak travel in Asian markets. New Zealand’s off-peak seasons provide a break from tropical heat in Asia during our winter season, and aligns with school holidays, religious holidays and wedding and honeymoon season. 

Tourism was New Zealand’s third biggest export earner in the June-April 2023 quarter.