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Promote your business through the isite visitor centre network.

isite New Zealand(opens in new window) is New Zealand’s official visitor information network. Over 60 isite visitor centres across Aotearoa provide international and domestic travellers with information and booking services for activities, attractions, accommodation and transport. 

The network is a trusted brand that plays a key role in our tourism industry, since many visitors wait until they arrive in New Zealand to book parts of their holiday, including local transport, accommodation and activities.

  • In the past, around 40% of all international holiday visitors to New Zealand used an isite
  • Almost 66% of these said isites influenced their decision on what activity, transport or accommodation provider they used.
  • About 33% of all users made a booking at an isite.

9 tips for working with your isite

  1. Get to know your isite team. Arrange a meeting with each centre manager in your region, introduce your product and find out how you can work together.
  2. Offer staff the opportunity to visit and experience your product for themselves!
  3. Let your isite know the type of person best suited to your product, so they know who it will appeal to.
  4. Make regular visits in person to drop off brochures, update staff on your products and introduce yourself to new staff members.
  5. Be clear about your pricing structure and keep your isite updated if it changes. Don't forget to agree a commission rate for any bookings isite centres make on your behalf (and allow for this in your pricing).
  6. Make sure you're contactable in case your isite needs to get hold of you about a booking enquiry. If you're reliable, easy to contact and willing to take customers at short notice, you're more likely to get bookings.
  7. If you're an accommodation provider, keep in contact with your isite about room availability, especially over busy periods.
  8. Keep your isite updated on your operating hours.
  9. Find out if there are any other advertising opportunities available to you through your isite.

More information

For more information about how you can promote your tourism business, visit isite(opens in new window)