New Zealand

Market overview

Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, New Zealand's borders were closed from March 2020 to most international visitors, which had a considerable impact on New Zealand's tourism sector.  In April 2020 Tourism New Zealand established a domestic market team to grow domestic travel demand. Tourism New Zealand have ran multiple nationwide campaigns enticing Kiwis into a domestic holiday through the Do Something NEW, New Zealand campaign 

Did you know, before COVID-19, 60 percent ($23.7 billion) of New Zealand’s tourism expenditure came from New Zealanders getting out and experiencing their own country? New Zealanders also previously spent $9 billion on overseas travel per year. New Zealand is now capturing a portion of this spend domestically while our borders are closed.

Working with Tourism New Zealand in the domestic market

The below outlines opportunities available to work with Tourism New Zealand for both Regional Tourism Organisations and Operators 

Our role

Tourism New Zealand’s role is to foster New Zealander's desire to travel, and encourage them to explore New Zealand in a safe and responsible manner.

Regional Tourism Organisations' role

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) are responsible for the promotion of destinations, regions and operators. 

Operators' role

Operators are responsible for the promotion of their business and to ensure they’re operating in a safe and compliant manner as per Qualmark.  

The top things you can do right now: 

  • Have your product loaded on and upload a deal aligned to a domestic campaign

    Promote your business at no cost by listing on our website, viewed by over 550,000 domestic visitors per month. Listing your business is free and requires you to register first (takes approx. 20mins) – see the user guide and recommendations for optimal listings here.  You can also leverage domestic campaign activity by uploading a relevant a deal, see information here.
  • Take part in our domestic activity partnerships

Tourism New Zealand hold content partnerships with NZME and STUFF. These partnerships involve a number of content articles produced each week/month with some further boosted on social media, and are a great way to give your product exposure to an engaged, nationwide audience Operators please liaise with your local RTO to ensure you're featured. Qualmark members can also feature in campaign partnership activity with Flybuys, NZME and Stuff. Simply upload a deal to Deals do not need to be exclusive to Tourism New Zealand - the deals can already be active on your site or other partner websites.

  • Use our Do Something New New Zealand branding in your marketing

    Feature our branding in your marketing to enjoy the benefits of brand association. For more information visit our visual library. 

    Utilise our #DoSomethingNewNZ hashtag in your social media to give your post a larger audience. This also gives Tourism New Zealand exposure to your content so we can consider it for use it across our platforms for added impact. For more guidance and support with social media and how to leverage Tourism New Zealand’s social media, watch the webinar.

  • Join our webinar series 

    We run a series of regular webinars to make sure industry are well informed and supported. Check for upcoming webinars.

What else can you do? 

  • Join Qualmark  

    Qualmark helps businesses become more sustainable from a people, planet and profit perspective, by not only assessing your business, but working with you to ensure your business remains competitive and current in the changing operating environment. Membership is currently free until further notice, and all tourism businesses can gain additional support through the Tourism Advisory Support Service.
  • Feature your product at your local and neighbouring i-SITEs

    Visit the i-SITE website for more information about your local i-SITE and to learn how to work with them including how to feature your product.
  • Share your new stories.

    What's happening in your region? Do you have a good news story to tell about your region or business? We’re constantly looking for great stories we can share so please remember to let us know by emailing
  • Stay up to date with the latest news from Tourism New Zealand – register here to receive regular updates from us

Data and key insights

Key insights

  • 72% of New Zealanders travelled for leisure purposes in 2019 
  • New Zealanders make 45 million domestic trips per year 
    • 61% of these are day trips 
    • 39% are overnight trips 
  • 90% of domestic leisure travel in New Zealand is via car. 

Domestic audience infographic

The information in this infographic has been collated based on a synthesised view, taking into consideration a significant range of existing global and national data and research to draw out the primary insights to provide an overarching picture of the domestic market and audience-understanding pre COVID-19 and predicted behaviour once restrictions ease to inform Tourism New Zealand's domestic approach. 

Domestic sentiment studies

We commissioned a regular piece of research through Kantar to find out how New Zealanders feel about holidaying at home. It shows the percent of New Zealanders intending to take a domestic holiday within the next year, and also highlights the potential barriers that may prevent some New Zealanders from booking a holiday at home.  View all reports on the Insights Hub.

Download the latest domestic travel view report.


DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) is an insight project to help activate domestic tourism and help tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisations maximise the value they get out of domestic tourism. Colmar Brunton was contracted to undertake research and develop the online tool, which included surveying 6,000 New Zealanders on their leisure travel habits to understand the different types of domestic travellers, including their motivations for travel.

Visit the DGiT to get the latest results.