Make our website for travellers work for you. We'll show you how. is the consumer website we use to market New Zealand to potential visitors, both locally and globally. Designed to meet the changing needs of online users, the website gathers information from many credible sources including the local tourism industry, travellers and Tourism New Zealand.

Why feature your business on

  • The website's a key planning tool for travelers all over the world. It connects them with your business directly, or with travel sellers that promote your business.
  • Pre-pandemic, more than 40 million people visited the site each year, which resulted in 3.2 million zero-commission referrals to the tourism industry.
  • Our paid marketing activity in New Zealand and other markets drives visitors to every day. Want to take advantage of this? Discover ways to get involved in Tourism New Zealand marketing activity.
  • We're continually investing in to drive an even greater volume of commission-free referrals to your business.

Promoting your business on is free

If you're a tourism businesses in New Zealand, or part of the tourism trade offshore, you can list your:

  • business profile
  • individual experiences or products, and
  • latest deals or packages.

There's absolutely no cost to you. Better yet, if you're a New Zealand-based tourism business, you'll also get your information automatically published to your closest Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) website.

Here's how to get started today

To get your business in front of millions of potential customers, simply register or log in to the Tourism Business Database (TBD)(opens in new window) We've designed the TBD to be very user friendly, but if you get stuck you can always look up our user guides(opens in new window) for easy instructions.

Multiple language options

Once approved by us, your business information will be displayed across all English language versions. But if you like, you can also submit content in Chinese, German, Korean or Japanese too, as we have translated versions of for these countries.

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